# Overview

Module Interface Name Function Introduction
Real-time Data Subscription subscribe Subscribe real-time market data
unsubscribe Unsubscribe subscriptions
unsubscribe_all Unsubscribe all subscriptions
query_subscription Get subscription information
Push and Callback StockQuoteHandlerBase Real-time quote callback
OrderBookHandlerBase Real-time order book callback
CurKlineHandlerBase Real-time candlestick callback
TickerHandlerBase Real-time tick-by-tick callback
RTDataHandlerBase Real-time time frame callback
BrokerHandlerBase Real-time broker queue callback
Get get_market_snapshot Get market snapshot
get_stock_quote Get real-time quote
get_order_book Get real-time order book
get_cur_kline Get real-time candlestick
get_rt_data Get real-time time frame data
get_rt_ticker Get real-time tick-by-tick
get_broker_queue Get real-time broker queue
Basic Data get_market_state Get market status of securities
get_capital_flow Get capital flow
get_capital_distribution Get capital distribution
get_owner_plate Get the stock ownership plate
request_history_kline Get historical candlesticks
get_rehab Get the stock adjustment factor
Related Derivatives get_option_expiration_date Query all expiration dates of option chains through the underlying stock.
get_option_chain Get the option chain from an underlying stock
get_warrant Get filtered warrant (for HK market only)
get_referencestock_list Get related data of securities
get_future_info Get futures contract information
Market Filter get_stock_filter Filter stocks by condition
get_plate_stock Get the list of stocks in the plate
get_plate_list Get plate list
get_stock_basicinfo Get stock basic information
get_ipo_list Get IPO information of a specific market
get_global_state Get global status
request_trading_days Get trading calendar
Customization get_history_kl_quota Get usage details of historical candlestick quota
set_price_reminder Add, delete, modify, enable, and disable price reminders for specified stocks
get_price_reminder Get a list of price reminders set for the specified stock or market
get_user_security_group Get a list of groups from the user watchlist
get_user_security Get a list of a specified group from watchlist
modify_user_security Modify the specific group from the watchlist
PriceReminderHandlerBase The price reminder notification callback