# Get IPO Information

# get_ipo_list


  • Introduction

    Get IPO information of a specific market

  • Parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    market Market Market identification.
  • Return

    Parameter Type Description
    ret RET_CODE Interface result.
    data pd.DataFrame If ret == RET_OK, IPO data is returned.
    str If ret != RET_OK, error description is returned.
    • IPO data format as follows:
      Field Type Description
      code str Stock code.
      name str Stock name.
      list_time str Listing date, expected listing date for US stocks.
      list_timestamp float Listing date timestamp, expected listing date timestamp for US stocks.
      apply_code str Subscription code (applicable to A-shares).
      issue_size int Total number of issuance (applicable to A-shares); Total quantity of issuance (applicable to US stocks).
      online_issue_size int Online issuance (applicable to A-shares).
      apply_upper_limit int Subscription limit (applicable for A-shares).
      apply_limit_market_value int The market value required for maximium subscription (applicable to A-shares).
      is_estimate_ipo_price bool Weather to estimate the issuance price (applicable to A-shares).
      ipo_price float Issuance price.
      (applicable to A-shares).
      industry_pe_rate float Industry P/E ratio (applicable to A-shares).
      is_estimate_winning_ratio bool Whether to estimate the winning rate (applicable to A-shares).
      winning_ratio float Winning rate.
      (applicable to A-shares).
      issue_pe_rate float Issue P/E ratio (applicable to A-shares).
      apply_time str Subscription date string
      (applicable to A-shares).
      apply_timestamp float Subscription date timestamp (applicable to A-shares).
      winning_time str Time string of announcement date
      (applicable to A-shares).
      winning_timestamp float Timestamp of announcement date (applicable to A-shares).
      is_has_won bool Whether the winning number has been announced (applicable to A-shares).
      winning_num_data str The winning number (applicable to A-shares).
      ipo_price_min float Lowest offer price (applicable to HK stocks); lowest issue price (applicable to US stocks).
      ipo_price_max float Highest offer price (applicable to HK stocks); highest issue price (applicable to US stocks).
      list_price float List price (applicable to HK stocks).
      lot_size int Number of shares per lot.
      entrance_price float Entrance fee (applicable to HK stocks).
      is_subscribe_status bool Is it a subscription status.
      apply_end_time str Subscription deadline string
      (applicable to HK stocks).
      apply_end_timestamp float Subscription deadline timestamp.
  • Example

from futu import *
quote_ctx = OpenQuoteContext(host='', port=11111)

ret, data = quote_ctx.get_ipo_list(Market.HK)
if ret == RET_OK:
    print(data['code'][0]) # Take the first stock code
    print(data['code'].values.tolist()) # Convert to list
    print('error:', data)
quote_ctx.close() # After using the connection, remember to close it to prevent the number of connections from running out
  • Output
    code      name   list_time  list_timestamp apply_code issue_size online_issue_size apply_upper_limit apply_limit_market_value is_estimate_ipo_price ipo_price industry_pe_rate is_estimate_winning_ratio winning_ratio issue_pe_rate apply_time apply_timestamp winning_time winning_timestamp is_has_won winning_num_data  ipo_price_min  ipo_price_max  list_price  lot_size  entrance_price  is_subscribe_status apply_end_time  apply_end_timestamp
0  HK.06666  Evergrande Property Services Group Limited  2020-12-02    1.606838e+09        N/A        N/A               N/A               N/A                      N/A                   N/A       N/A              N/A                       N/A           N/A           N/A        N/A             N/A          N/A               N/A        N/A              N/A          8.500           9.75         0.0       500         4924.12                 True     2020-11-26         1.606352e+09
1  HK.02110                    Yue Kan Holdings Limited  2020-12-07    1.607270e+09        N/A        N/A               N/A               N/A                      N/A                   N/A       N/A              N/A                       N/A           N/A           N/A        N/A             N/A          N/A               N/A        N/A              N/A          0.225           0.27         0.0     10000         2727.21                 True     2020-11-27         1.606439e+09
['HK.06666', 'HK.02110']

Interface Limitations

  • A maximum of 10 requests per 30 seconds